Who seeks to live in harmony with nature will find pleasures in the Mirage Residence the perfect place. The development offers a space where luxury and comfort are framed by sea, breeze and a sunset sun always unforgettable.

With attractive club and the warmth of being in moments with your feet in the sand, feeling the rocking of the waves, the Mirage Residence is much more than a home. It is your refuge.


Living in the Mirage Residence is much more than living well, is a new lifestyle. The venture provides all needed to relax, live in peace, be in harmony with nature spaces, as if every day in an exquisite spa or vacation club.

Ballroom . Gourmet Lounge. Gourmet space . Playroom . Teen room. Kids room . Cinema . Relax space. Fitness space . SPA . Infinity pool . A children's pool . Zen space . Playground . Mini skate ramp . Mini golf . Bike rack . Guard surfboards.