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The Brava Beach Group was conceived from the union of four of the largest homebuilders in Santa Catarina.
The business strength, coupled with the desire to innovate, enabled the launch and construction of Brava Beach International and Mirage Residence, unique projects of great expression of the North Coast of Santa Catarina.
When converted into designer committed to real estate guided by quality and construction technology, the Group Brava Beach is among the most valued and consistent business groups construction of the state, leading several projects.

Corporate Guideline

The passion for entrepreneurship and innovation directs the group to act in bold designs such as the Mirage Residence, which adds to Brava Beach International to form a portfolio of exclusive and attractive ventures.


Incorporate, build and sell real estate to a high standard, with profitability, professional management, adding innovation, safety and sustainability, exceeding expectations of our customers.


Being an internationally recognized company, a reference in projects and innovations, committed to the quality of life and exclusive experiences.

Corporate Values

Integrity, respect and transparency;
Business and Personal Success;
Valuing People;
Respect the relationship with the local community and the environment;
Fulfilling the promise;
Proactive attitude.


The Brava Beach group guides all their projects from an initial premise: quality in everything it does. With bold and pioneering ventures in the region, brings exclusive condominiums facing the sea on the edge of complete Brava.
Infraestruturas Beach, coastal inspired by successful enterprises located in contemporary beaches, internationally recognized as a benchmark of style and sophistication.

Sea Front

Our endeavors are perfect for those seeking a life in tune with the pleasures offered by nature. Spaces framed by the ocean invite the resident of Praia Brava daily to witness a unique and unforgettable sunset sun, feeling the slight sea breeze touching your face. Our projects include areas able to integrate luxury and comfort to the experience of living just steps from the sand and water of the brave.

Valorisation of Brava Beach

Aiming to enhance and promote tourism in the region in which it operates, and implementation of projects with high added value, the group seeks to extend the locality differentiated activities, such as the Boulevard. The space is accessible to all public square. A quiet the sound of water sources arranged all the way environment, highlighting a unique area of ​​beauty and lush landscaping which occupies an area of ​​3000 m², which is part of the urbanization complex.

Ecological Attitude and Sustainable

The projects provide for the rationalization of water use, reuse of rainwater, sustainable spaces for preservation and restoration of biodiversity, energy optimization, architecture designed to take advantage of natural lighting and ventilation and waste management.

Concern for Human

The group Brava Beach, far beyond worrying about the quality of their projects, values ​​the human being and the quality of life. Therefore, programs to promote staff integration, fun and awareness, leaving the lighter work environment and the day-to-day lives of those who work in happier now. We believe that by promoting a more harmonious environment, results are apparent in every detail of our works, realized with great affection.



The Brava Beach Ventures is contemplated by the Certificate of Compliance with the requirements of Standard ISO 9001: 2008. This certificate proves the excellence of the company to incorporate, build and sell high standard properties.
With a lot of focus and dedication of the entire team of employees and through strong partnerships, Brava Beach Group completed his dream of being a highly professional and results-oriented company.

Social Seal

The Brava Beach Ventures is recognized four years ago, as one of itajaienses companies that make a difference, promoting and running social actions in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations organizations - UN / 2000.
The company was certified by the Social Seal in the 2011/2012 edition, 2012/2013, 2013/2014, 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 stating that met the criteria established by law.
The certification of companies in the Municipal Social Seal Program consists of a document that recognizes as socially responsible, based on evaluation of investments made by companies in accordance with the eight MDGs.
In the 2015/2016 edition, the Brava Beach was awarded Social Stamps relating to seven of the eight MDGs, winning: MDG 1 - Eradicating hunger and poverty; MDG 2 - Basic Quality Education; MDG 4 - Reduce child mortality; MDG 5 - Improve the health of pregnant women; MDG 6 - Combat AIDS, Malaria and other diseases; MDG 7 - Quality of Life and Respect for the environment; MDG 8 - a global partnership for development.


The CarbonOK is a certification that aims to quantify the emission of greenhouse gases released by the activities of the Brava Beach Group, contributing to sustainable development through the reduction and neutralization of these emissions.
With later planting trees, to effect compensation emissions, the Brava Beach demonstrates his commitment to the pursuit of sustainability in the activities of their buildings.

Quality Policy

Incorporate , build and sell upscale properties with a focus on customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and compliance with applicable requirements .

Quality Objectives

I. Meeting the needs of our customers ;
II . Meet compliance products and services;
III . continuously optimize our processes ;
IV . continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Eat Pile

The Brava Beach group has one internal marketing program focused on environment: the Pope Stack.
The initiative's goal is to give the correct batteries and used batteries destination, avoiding contamination in the environment and possible health hazards.

Eat Paper

To reduce paper waste and give it a new utility, the Group recently partnered with Reciclavale, Recycling Cooperative of Vale, for the collection of used papers, magazines and newspapers already destroyed.
The work is part of Pope Paper program, designed to raise employee awareness of the group and avoid wastage of materials.

Winter Campaign

Each year, even before the beginning of winter, the Brava Beach Group gives the initial tip standing to participate in Winter Clothing Campaign. Clothes, especially children, and blankets are the main focus of collection.
The boxes where all the material is deposited are installed in the Central Sales International Brava Beach in Praia Brava, Itajai.
Always at the end of the campaign, institutions and needy families to receive donations are chosen.

Investors Partners

FG Empreendimentos

FG Enterprises is among the leading companies in the construction sector in the country, being the market leader for its innovative entrepreneurship.
It is also considered a pioneer in launching projects to a high standard, focusing on sustainability, sophistication and comfort.
Holding more than 10 companies, operates in construction and development, hospitality, food industry and service sectors. For all his accomplishments and the set that involves all segments of the company, as the appreciation of the people and the constant technological advances, FG Enterprises today is a mark of respect: a synonym for profitability and high standard.


The initial drafts of planning the delivery of the keys, prepared by Ciaplan each project is developed with intensity, dynamism and seriousness.
By analyzing positively interference of buildings on quality of life, the Ciaplan conducts innovative projects in harmony with the landscape where they live.
This respect for the residents and the environment comes from experience of over 15 years of its managers. It's an acquired since the time of a successful partnership in construction with the Right Projects positioning. Innovation, outstanding quality and reliability are essential criteria of Ciaplan to give the best to your lifestyle.